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Chili Garlic Edamame

Chili Garlic Edamame | $8

They're young, steamy and enjoy late night dips (we're talking about soybean pods). Packed with not one but eight amino acids. We serve 'em up with sweet cilantro soya dipping sauce for the perfect finish.

Fiery Tunisian Chicken

Fiery Tunisian Chicken | $21.50

If you're not gonna spice up your date night, WE WILL. Dig into tender chicken marinated in a spicy North African-inspired sauce, topped with a Goji berry and cucumber infused Greek yogurt. Served with a roasted sweet potato quinoa pilaf and veg. That's a whole lotta protein and a hell of a kick.

Cakes by the Ocean

Cakes by the Ocean | $13

No birthday required. Crisp quinoa-crusted salmon and shrimp cakes with a delicious avocado dill aioli. Quinoa has all nine essential amino acids and the avocado dill aioli is full of GOOD fats and vitamins.

Neptune Soba Noodle Bowl

Neptune Soba Noodle Bowl | $23

A seafood superfood masterpiece, if we do say so ourselves. Dig into salmon, basa and shrimp, chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, on a bed of wild baby arugula, tomato chutney and kale-infused soba noodles. Oh. Kale. Ya.

Superfood Bowl XXVIII

Superfood Bowl XXVIII | $21

Superfoods unite for this powerhouse bowl of deliciousness. Kale, sweet potato, avocado and pumpkin seeds are just naming a few of the superfoods in this dish. We put them on a bed of kale-infused soba noodles and finish with a miso maple dressing. It's a touchdown for taste and an extra point for nutrient-packed ingredients.

Superfruit Quinoa Crumble

Superfruit Quinoa Crumble | $10

Apples, strawberries and blueberries, oh my. Baked to tender perfection with honey and ginger and topped with all the good stuff like quinoa, hemp and pumpkin seeds. Then we add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for good measure.

Spiked SuperBerry Black Tea Lemonade

Spiked SuperBerry Black Tea Lemonade | $8

Who spiked the lemonade? Sip on a blend of Brazilian acai berries (a natural immune booster), pomegranate (rich in antioxidants), Napa Valley blackberries and house-made Southbrook berry tea syrup stirred with organic black tea lemonade and vodka. Also tastes great with rum or gin.

Berry Blend Tea Lemonade

Berry Blend Tea Lemonade | $4

A little sweetness mixed with antioxidants makes for one delicious drink. Enjoy a refreshing blend of Canadian organic black iced tea with house-made Southbrook berry tea syrup infused with Cabernet Franc and ice wine grape skins. And don't forget the fresh lemonade.

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